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Infusing art into science

We are set to bridge the gap between industry and society, entangling into the perfect pitch the essence of “proffer” with “advancement”. 


Intrigued by human behavior, desires and expectations, we are motivated to bring about an innate blend of visions, missions and accomplishments.

At RISC we do NOT risk the leap forward.

We are Research & Design Experts.


We are

a highly skilled not for profit, consulting and training service provider, specialized in European and National Research Funding.

We partner with entities from multiple sectors established throughout Europe and beyond.


Our artwork is society, our imprints are human values. Our playfield is research funding, training and development.


We help

organizations, businesses and other bodies advance.

Our diversified range of projects reflects the multitude of areas and sectors we can support, blended with an innovative and creative project design thinking.

We believe

We believe

that changing the game is the only way to rule it.

Our mingled approach reveals that societal benefit can work with profit in harmony.


We blend science with art, design with innovation to create a perfect whole.

We are trusted

We are trusted

for our professionalism, our ethics and our personalized quality designs.

Listening is the key ingredient to success. And we are committed to excellence.


What’s your aspiration?

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